Welcome Home!
Founded in 2016, the Headwaters Community offers thoughtfully planned amenities and a curated lifestyle, providing an incredible quality of life. With over 1,000 acres of open space that includes walking trails, parks, preserved natural habitats and landmark destinations, land and homes intermingle to connect you to the Texas wildlife surroundings and your neighbors. Not to mention, a respect for the Dark Sky Community of Dripping Springs in which it is located, life at Headwaters is about staying in touch with nature. It's no wonder that with the expansive views and sweeping hilltops which greet you from your doorstep, the Headwaters Community offers you a better view of life.

A Vital Community

Vital Communities® are more than just neighborhoods. They are places with shared energy and authenticity specific to those who live there. Our holistic approach to place-making is founded on five interrelated principles that thoughtfully create the abundant lifestyle found in every Freehold Community; Healthy Living, Engagement, Connectivity, Stewardship, & Design-Forward Philosophy.